Tzfat Winter

I see a tiny Bit of sky Peeking through The crisp branches It seems dreary And gray But it seems to me That the rain Paints the world Anew The olive tree Light green boughs Fresh against Gray stucco walls Washed clean And the evergreen Ever green Aromatic pine needle spice And rain From gray […]

An Open Letter to Teachers

So, you wanna be a teacher? Your job is to educate your students, change their lives. How are you gonna do that? You know, it’s a big, wide world out there; Where these kids are coming from- Full of bright lights and loud sounds, Stimulation coming in from all sides- And you want them to […]

Silent Noise

The pulsing energy of the fluorescent lights The white noise of the speaker system The breathy blowing of the temperature unit The birds chirping The pen scratching on paper And my heartbeat Pumping, pumping To the beat of the silence – Peace


Some people Focus too much On the material side of things. I always wonder How they’ll manage in the world above Where not a thing’s physical And our purpose Is to raise the earth To reveal its holiness Because it’s just a shell