An Open Letter to Teachers

So, you wanna be a teacher?
Your job is to educate your students, change their lives.
How are you gonna do that?
You know, it’s a big, wide world out there;
Where these kids are coming from-
Full of bright lights and loud sounds,
Stimulation coming in from all sides-
And you want them to sit in a classroom listening to YOU?
Good luck, honey.
But teachers gotta teach, ‘cuz students gotta learn.
It’s a big world out there, you know.
You gotta compete with that big, flashy world.
So, you wanna be a teacher?
You wanna change young people’s lives?
Catch their attention! Make them interested! Make them WANT to learn!
Don’t make ’em sit in a boring class listening to a boring lecture.

Because according to them, they don’t need you.
They’ve got their flashy worlds in their laps.

So, you wanna be a teacher?

Honey, you gotta compete with that.
Teach your students with flash.
Teach ’em with passion and pizazz.
Reel ’em in, just the same way the world out there holds ’em tight.
Get them to move, get them to THINK.
And maybe then, you’ll be a teacher.


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