Coffee and the City

Today was one of those days

I was exhausted when I woke up

And the day went by in a blur

Smiling to parents and kids

Changing diapers and reading books and serving lunch and comforting little ones and giving snack and cleaning up spills and putting on coats and singing songs and waving goodbye and cleaning up again

And work was over but I was still running

I don’t know where I was off too but I was still running

The coffee I drank this morning seemed to just make me want to run but I don’t know where or why

They all say New York is a fast-paced city

But what they don’t tell you

Is that it is so fast paced

You have to run to catch up to it

And it keeps on running

Coffee flowing in its veins

And pushing people

To run out! Get up! Drink coffee! Go to work! Keep running! Don’t stop or you won’t catch up!

The endless graph of towers and buildings and stores and people and cars and subways and busses and taxis

Keep flowing keep flowing

Run, run!

I’m so tired



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