A Soul is a Soul is a Soul

We always learn that Our bodies get in the way And make a divide between us. And we notice She’s nervous, and he’s tall, and she’s perfect, and he’s quiet, and she’s prettier, and he’s richer, and he can’t stop talking, and she won’t look me in the eye, and he gets angry, and she […]

I wish

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this Lazy, Good-for-nothing Slob; Ungrateful, Selfish, Couch potato Living inside of me Who makes me feel Sloppy Lazy Ungrateful Worthless.  There are times when my Spark Sent from Above Gives that Lazy Good-for-nothing A good talking-to I just wish She had the guts to do it more often


In my body There is a part of me Called Ne-sha-ma* She spells it ר-ו-ת* She is my piece of above Connecting me both here and there Golden River illuminating, motivating To thinking, doing, connecting, speaking, glowing, glowing, Glowing! And then– She Fades Coal at the end Of a Long night But an ember is […]

What Kind of World is this?

What kind of world is this? One that allows the kidnappings and murders of our loved ones? Or one that embraces and loves them? Is this a world where terror wins, Playing its own game and making up its own rules? Or is this a world where the game is played in teamwork and harmony? […]


Golden boughs Against gray skies   Birds chirping Along with the thunder   Sweet breeze Blowing through the wind   Sunshine shining With the lightning   Since Adam and Eve Never has the weather been so mixed up